Friday, December 31, 2010

Kure by Keyera

Kure by Keyera is a new fashion line brought to you by PrincessKeyera
The site's address is http://kurebykeyera.blogspot.com/

"This is a Fashion line by PrincessKeyera. Its very different and unique." - PrincessKeyera

Check out this new collection coming soon! 
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SD Review Issue

Stardoll Review Issue is a project owned and run by Miss.Paramorex

 "This blog is all about stardoll reviews, what people think of stardoll and how they feel about the changes and how stardoll could make it better. This blog also has short stories that people on stardoll would like to post and get rated on." - Miss.Paramorex

Check out this new blog and stay tuned in to it! 
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Chariya Fashion

Chariya Fashion is a fashion collection founded by Bubsieboo

"My blog is basically for my fashion designs, and stardoll dress and clothes reviews. I would love people to be able to see my designs because I work so hard on them! Thank you! <3" - Bubsieboo

Go visit and follow now! ;) 
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Delire Couture

Delire Couture is a new project owned by Lulita-15
The site's URL is http://delirecouture.blogspot.com/

"The new accessories / couture line of stardoll!" - Lulita-15

Go follow and stay tuned, even apply for a job!
The spoiled looks fantastic, can't wait to the full collection :)

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Star Buzz

Star Buzz is a blog owned by twilightxbabe
The site's address is http://starbuzz123.blogspot.com/

"Visit Starbuzz for all the latest gossip and cheats about Stardoll!" - twilightxbabe

Go apply for a position now! 
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Sixteen Couture

Sixteen Couture is a fashion line owned by 4mariam & luezone290
The site's URL is http://6teencouture.blogspot.com

"It's a new fashion line, Elegant but with a Teenager's twist, Jobs are open and we are searching for sponsors :) " - 4mariam

Stay tuned in to this blog, and even get involved, it's sure to be a hit!
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE