Friday, December 31, 2010

Kure by Keyera

Kure by Keyera is a new fashion line brought to you by PrincessKeyera
The site's address is http://kurebykeyera.blogspot.com/

"This is a Fashion line by PrincessKeyera. Its very different and unique." - PrincessKeyera

Check out this new collection coming soon! 
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

SD Review Issue

Stardoll Review Issue is a project owned and run by Miss.Paramorex

 "This blog is all about stardoll reviews, what people think of stardoll and how they feel about the changes and how stardoll could make it better. This blog also has short stories that people on stardoll would like to post and get rated on." - Miss.Paramorex

Check out this new blog and stay tuned in to it! 
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Chariya Fashion

Chariya Fashion is a fashion collection founded by Bubsieboo

"My blog is basically for my fashion designs, and stardoll dress and clothes reviews. I would love people to be able to see my designs because I work so hard on them! Thank you! <3" - Bubsieboo

Go visit and follow now! ;) 
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Delire Couture

Delire Couture is a new project owned by Lulita-15
The site's URL is http://delirecouture.blogspot.com/

"The new accessories / couture line of stardoll!" - Lulita-15

Go follow and stay tuned, even apply for a job!
The spoiled looks fantastic, can't wait to the full collection :)

Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Star Buzz

Star Buzz is a blog owned by twilightxbabe
The site's address is http://starbuzz123.blogspot.com/

"Visit Starbuzz for all the latest gossip and cheats about Stardoll!" - twilightxbabe

Go apply for a position now! 
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Sixteen Couture

Sixteen Couture is a fashion line owned by 4mariam & luezone290
The site's URL is http://6teencouture.blogspot.com

"It's a new fashion line, Elegant but with a Teenager's twist, Jobs are open and we are searching for sponsors :) " - 4mariam

Stay tuned in to this blog, and even get involved, it's sure to be a hit!
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mix Models Agency

Mix Models Agency (MMA)

Mix Models Agency is a project owned by cute-princess08

"Come and join the fun! We need 20 models and 5 judges! Follow, Audition and Wait! Thank You! xx" - cute-princess08

Go join and have some fun! 
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cutie's Model INC.

CMI Models is owned and run by cutiexoxo2

"This Blog Is About A Modelling Competition Based On Stardoll. The Competition Starts 10.10.2010.
Anyone Who Wants To Be A Judge There Are Job Openings (Need To Be SS To Be Job)."
- cutiexoxo2

Go check out this blog and sign up HERE

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SD SuperCity

SD Super City was created by KCarmae

The URL for this site is : http://sdsupercity.blogspot.com

"This is your chance! SD Supercity is now hiring-- looking for creative directors, news reporter, etc.. More info at blog." -KCarmae

What are you waiting for?
Check out this blog by clicking HERE

Stardoll's Got Talent

Stardoll's Got Talent was created by sugar103

The URL for this blog is: http://talentonstardoll.blogspot.com

"Do you want the chance to win 100 SD AND be the winner of Stardoll's got Talent? What are you waiting for then? Go to the blog, become a follower and your dreams will come true!" -sugar103

Check out this competition site now!
Click HERE to go directly to the site.

Tia on Stardoll

Tia on Stardoll was created by FashionistaT

The direct URL for this site is: http://tiaonstardoll.blogspot.com

"In my blog you can see new stuff, free stuff,fashion tips and graphics." -FashionistaT (Tia)

Visit and follow this site...
Click HERE to go directly

Stardoll's Most Newest

Stardoll's Most Newest created by sassy.doll

The blog's URL: http://stardollsmostnewest.blogspot.com

"Fashion to Your door..... More Coming with a Makeover on the Way!!!!!"- sassy.doll

Visit now
Click HERE to go directly

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Stardoll Group

This blog is created and owned by 4mariam

You can visit the site with this URL: http://www.TheStardollGroup.blogspot.com

"A blog filled with Competitions, The Latest Gossip , And Surprises ! So Stay Tuned :) xx" -4mariam

Click HERE for a direct link.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIVA by Gwen

Diva by Gwen is owned by Diva6723

You can visit the site at their url: http://www.divabygwen.blogspot.com

"DIVA by Gwen is the newest Fashion Line that will be releasing a Fall line soon...we are currently searching for two graphic designers, hair stylist, and models." -Diva6723

This is owned by Diva6723, a co-owner of On the Radar, so go check it out! Anyone can apply for any of the positions!

Click HERE and follow now!

Paradox By Hrly / Hrly Images

Both of these sites are brought to you by hrly.
Visit the sites with these URLS:  http://paradoxbyhrly.blogspot.com/http://hrlyimages.blogspot.com/

"Paradox is my fashion line. I'm going to release new clothes this October. Then Hrly Images is my graphic design blog." - hrly

Visit Paradox by Hrly directly by clicking HERE or visit Hrly Images by clicking HERE

Stardoll's Most Newest

Stardoll's Most Newest is a fashion blog owned by sassy.doll
The website's URL: http://stardollsmostnewest.blogspot.com

"We Bring you the Newest Fashion Given, + Free Stuff and Much More........Please Follow today! Thanks x" - sassy.doll 

Visit this awesome site directly by clicking HERE!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Everlasting Stardoll

Everlasting Stardoll is owned by...eouin
The URL for the site is....http://www.everlastingstardoll.blogspot.com

"The latest stardoll news,spoilers,free items and more!" -eouin

To go directly to the site, click HERE!

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This blog is owned by...44nicole44 ;)

The URL for the site is: http://www.44nicole44.blogspot.com

"My blog is about stardoll fashion, news and more. x" -44nicole44

Visit the blog now! Click HERE for a direct link.

Follow 44nicole44!

Little Star of Stardoll

This blog is owned by sweety-Melissa4

The url to the blog is...http://www.littlestarofstardoll.blogspot.com "

"Fahion Trends,Free Stuff,New Shops,What's next,Best medoll,Best suite? Take a look in the blog and if you like it follow it..! What are you waiting for? ;)" -sweety-Melissa4

So what are you waiting for?? Click HERE to go directly to the site.

North West High School / Stardoll's Trendy Trends

Owned & run by FashionnGirl.

Visit the Stardoll's Trendy Trends website: http://stardollfashioneternity.blogspot.com
Join the Stardoll club now by clicking HERE!

A role play high school for active students, who attend various classes, socialize with their cliques, etc .. enroll in this exclusive club today!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Popstar Magazine

Popstar Magazine is owned by LeonaAF

You can visit the site by going to this url: http://www.stardoll33mag.blogspot.com

We are a great blog thats gives you all the cheats, advise, and news! Everybody should follow this great blog!!!" -LeonaAF

You read what the girl said! Check it out! To go directly to the site click HERE

The Stardoll Graphics Corner

The Stardoll Graphics Corner is brought to you by 0xbritzx0
The site's address is: http://thestardollgraphicscorner.blogspot.com/

"I create, and make tutorials on how to make Stardoll Graphics, The Blog mailny revolves around my club on Stardoll SD_Graphics which also holds links to more tutorials, I can use both Paint and Photoshop. This Blog is updated regulary so you will learn how to make yet more Graphics!" - 0xbritzx0

Anyone who wants to learn how to make stardoll graphics should definitely pay her a visit & follow! 
Visit directly by clicking HERE!

Stardoll Hour


Stardoll Hour is a stardoll news blog owned by yissy123
Their site URL is: http://freefunstardoll.blogspot.com/

"I would like to have more followers and active followers too..=]" - yissy123

You just read it, all you active followers should definitely go follow this site!
Visit directly by clicking HERE!

Stardoll's Next Top Model

Stardoll's Next Top Model is competition owned & run by Hotangel9
The site URL is: http://stardollsnextmodel.blogspot.com/

"We need more contestants and workers! And we are looking for sponsors/media partners/ advertisers. The winner will win pages of Sugar Magazine, A place to be a judge on Sasha Fierce Models and way more too add!" - Hotangel9

If you're interested in becoming a model, you should definitely go & apply! Don't forget to follow.
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Ezo Magazine

Ezo Magazine is a stardoll news blog owned by xxlovexx
It's site address is: http://ezomagazine.blogspot.com

"EzoMagazine is a blog/magazine! It's all about Stardoll and soon there will be a magazine, we are looking for workers and would love if you could follow!" - xxlovexx

Check it out & make sure to follow!
Visit by click HERE

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stardoll Fashion TV

Stardoll Fashion TV is a fashion blog owned & founded by Queen-Of-Mean.
The site's URL is: http://stardollftv.blogspot.com/

"Its stardoll fashion TV , we post about everything that relates to fashion .
We will be in every ............Fashion event" - Queen-Of-Mean.

This is an awesome site, with excellent interviews & fashion reviews. 
Click here to visit & follow!

Donna Magazine

Donna Magazine is owned and run by SmoothieLove 
The URL for this site is: http://donnamagazine.wordpress.com

"Donna Magazine is in desperate need of advertising if it should survive! I need more readers, followers, simply people that check it out and comment! It will make me a lot happier and Donna a lot greater! Thank you!"  - SmoothieLove 

Go directly to the site by clicking HERE

Stardoll Highs

Stardoll Highs is a news blog owned by MissLillyLo.
Visit with this URL here; http://stardollhighs.blogspot.com 

"The blog is about stardoll latest news, spoilers, fashion world ... - everything that stardoll blog needs." - MissLillyLo

Be sure to check this site out & follow! 

Click HERE to go directly to the blog!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Valley of the Stardolls

Valley of the Stardolls is an advice blog owned by madmadeleine.

The URL for this site is: http://valleyofthestardolls.blogspot.com

"My blog is devoted to informing users about safety and bad people on Stardoll. And sometimes about the problems with Stardoll and the staff. It also promotes my club advice4newbies, which has loads of information Stardoll does not tell you about what to do after you have been scammed or hacked."-madmadeleine

Check it out, its a great blog!

Click HERE to go directly to the blog.


Style Stalkers Attack

Style Stalkers Attack is a Stardoll Fashion blog owned by Princessvx
The site URL is http://stylestalkersattack.blogspot.com !

"Style Stalkers Attack is a fashion blog based on all things fashion. It provides clear, but constructive outfit ratings of medolls, and Elites'. The goal of the blog is to get 100 followers, and continue doing more interesting segments. eg: Style Stalking!" - Princessvx

Be sure to check it out & follow! Visit directly here.

Stardoll Buzz

The Stardoll Buzz is a starblog, owned by PrincessKeyera.

Visit http://www.stardollfinest.blogspot.com to check it out!

"My Blog Hosts tons of Competitions an you will find out about everything about Stardoll First." -Princess Keyera

Click HERE to go directly to the blog...follow Stardoll Buzz!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010



As you can probably already see, On the Radar is officially open for business! Thanks to the amazing work Sam did today, the site is up and ready for action.

The Grand Opening means that you can now fill out a form to advertise!

*Advertise YOUR blog/party/contest, pretty much anything! You want something advertised for free? Then simply fill out the form and send it in!  Its that easy. All we ask in return is for you to advertise for us! And its a double plus for you, the more people know about On the Radar, the more people know about your advertisements.

We're very excited to be opening and kicking off this project, and please don't be afraid to be active with this blog, and send in anything you want to be advertised. No more stalking popular pages, spamming comments or chat boxes. This is your designated publicity station!

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to get Advertised.

-Gwen & Sam

*Must be a follower to send in a form...come on, it takes two seconds!