Monday, January 31, 2011

Stardoll Famewhores

Stardoll Famewhores is owned by iswim19
The site's address is http://sdfamewhhores.blogspot.com

"Read gossip, interviews, and latest news on SFW. The only blog for Stardoll elites." - iswim19

It's an amazing site, be sure to go check it out & follow!
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Sage by Fleur Couture

Sage by Fleur Couture is a new project owned by Hco-Hottie23 & Crystality
The site's link is http://sagebyfleurcouture.blogspot.com/

"It's a new fashion line coming that needs models, graphic designers, and a creative director." - Hco-Hottie23

Sounds interesting, anyone looking for a job should definitely go check it out! 
Visit the site directly by clicking HERE

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stardoll's Appearance is a Stardoll Blog owned by LoveGossip4Life
The site's address is http://boutiquestardoll.blogspot.com/

"It is a blog of stardoll news and you can easily win comps! Our motto is Follow. Comment. WIn Big!" - LoveGossip4Life

Well, be sure to Follow. Comment. & Win BIG! ;) 
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NOUS Magazine

NOUS is a brand new magazine brought to you by Lulita-15
The site's URL is http://nousmagazine.wordpress.com/

"NOUS Magazine, a new international coming-soon magazine! Are you ready for it?" - Lulita-15

Jobs are available, so be sure to go ahead and check it out!
To visit the site directly, click HERE

Junior Models

Junior Models is a new modelling agency run by countrygurl102
The site's link is http://juniormodelss.blogspot.com/

"Modeling agency. We are currently looking to help our winners gain huge experience in the modeling world and allowing them to have multiple opportunities. We want to be able to help showcase their extraordinary talents because they all have great potential. Do YOU have what it takes to make it to the top? Let us reassure you when you compete for the title of Miss JuniorModels. Show us what you got, we dare you. Dare2BGlam "countrygurl102

Definitely worth checking out, following and perhaps even signing up!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

June Knows Best!

June Knows Best
June Knows Best is a project owned by June-e-cullen

"This is a fashion site that is just starting out, I am hoping to make it bigger by getting more followers and writers e.t.c :D thank you for your time! :]" - June-e-cullen

Be sure to stay tuned into this site as it is under re-construction! :) 
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Stardoll Globe Queen

Stardoll Globe Queen

Stardoll Globe Queen is a competition owned & run by PwincessSara
The site address is http://sdglobequeen.blogspot.com/

"Your chance to become Royalty! Similar to Miss Stardoll World, this competition gives you the chance to show the Stardoll community what you've got. And you could win a £12 GB Prepaid card!" - PwincessSara

Go check it out and maybe even enter! 
To visit the site directly, click HERE

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stardoll Love

Stardoll Love is brought to you by sparklewand12

"Stardoll blog which is mainly about fashion, and occasionally other things (including Music Of The Moment). Mainly looking for regular readers right now so I have the motivation to post regularly-I'd like to get around 2 fashion posts up per day if readers are there!!! Love K xxx" - sparklewand12

Go visit & follow this unique site!
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Stardoll Wonderland

Stardoll Wonderland is owned and run by Aly_Miley

"Latest gossip, looks and news on Stardoll.com!" - Aly_Miley

Be sure to check it out!
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