Monday, February 7, 2011

Extravagance Stardoll

Extravagance Stardoll is a stardoll blog run by Punky_Lissy
The site's address is http://ExtravaganceStardoll.blogspot.com

"My blog, "Extravagance Star Doll" shows how creative you can be on Stardoll, and show all the girls and boys on stardoll that they don't have to swim in the stream, but becoming unique with their very own Style....Stardoll offers a to all opportunities and possibilities to be like that, even if they are not directly indekt. And to explore these possibilities my blog shoulg guide them all ;)  Every month, the Extravagance Covergirl is chosen, and she gets interviewed and featured on my Blog, I show extravagant Suite and Styles .... and there will be much surprices following the next few months!"  - Punky_Lissy

It's definitely a unique site, be sure to check it out & follow!
To visit the site directly, click HERE

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